It’s official - Benita Duran is a candidate for Boulder City Council!


As of August 6, 2019 I became a certified candidate for the November 2019 ballot. This is a pretty exciting endeavor for me — a mother/outdoor explorer/non-profit director/creative professional - now a candidate for public office who has the privilege of calling Boulder “home” for the past 25 years.

I’m eager to step onto an important stage of community engagement and participation. One that I believe should have more balance and diversity, and truly be open and welcoming to ALL. Check out this web site to get updates and perspectives on what I’m hearing and learning on the path to elected office.

My hope in these 12 weeks to Election Day, is we take time to celebrate and appreciate the treasured community of Boulder; and our open democratic process that provides this opportunity to run for office to represent Boulder residents.

It is a mail-in ballot election, City of Boulder voters can expect ballots to arrive after October 15th and should plan to turn them in by or on November 5th.

Let’s vote — it counts and it matters.

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AbouT ME

Learn about me and the expertise I bring to this ‘job’ - which is an opportunity to use my decades of talents and skills in local governance to help improve our beautiful city’s opportunities for ALL!

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Take Action

I can’t do it without YOU! You can become a contributor to my campaign — which is limited to up to $100. And plan to walk/talk with me in your neighborhood!